Day Don Break (Pidgin English)

Day Don Break is Tomorrow is a New Day’s (TND) brand new radio drama. It features the voices of nationally acclaimed actors who bring to life this gripping story of the challenges people face in the Niger Delta. Day Don Breakis unique. It reflects real life challenges, but also inspires people to believe in a future for the Niger Delta with endless possibilities.

‘Day Don Break’ is a drama series focusing on the issues related to development, rebuilding, reconciliation and reintegration in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria before, during, and after the militancy era. It is an entertaining and educative fictional radio programme drawn from real life issues and experiences from the people of the Niger Delta such as post-conflict community life, traumatization, violence, youth gangs, pollution amongst other issues. The radio programme also addresses in a practical manner the healing process as well as the re-integration of community members and community development.

Each drama episode is approximately 15 minutes and there are a total of 26 episodes, each with a relevant topic attached to it that addresses an issue being faced in the Niger Delta.