Outstanding Achievements


1. Winner World Bank Development Marketplace Innovative Ideas Competition (2000)
2. Winner of George Atkins Communication Award, 2006
3. Built Capacity in Entertainment-Education process throughout Nigeria

– Scripts Writers
– Producers
– Radio Stations

4. You will find ARDA alumni holding forte in many international development organizations, for example the BBC World Trust and FHI/GHAIN among others.
5. ARDA is airing the longest running Radio Soaps in Nigeria (Rainbow-City, Asuba Ta Gari & Chiefoo)
6. ARDA also contributed to the discussion on democratization of the airwaves through a National Conference of stake holders it convened to stimulate public debate on ‘Who Owns the Airwaves’ which involved the National Assembly and all media.
7. Provided access to radio for rural women in the South-East and South-South regions of Nigeria through a Development through Radio (DTR) methodology.
8. Helped to establish and build the capacity of ARDA Ghana in 2001.
9. Broadcasts programs in over 26 radio stations in the country.