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We need to take responsibility

The recent flooding in Lagos, Nigeria’s biggest city, had everyone’s tongues wagging.  Everyone had something to say about it.  From those who woke up to find their possessions submerged under a meter of water, to those who showed off their prowess in catching aquatic wildlife, to those who just enjoyed […]

ARDA Executive Director Presents Paper at Conference

ARDA Executive Director Alison Data Phido presented a paper at the 2017 African Literature Association Conference. The Conference, which takes place annually at various academic institutions across the world, was this year organised in the United States by the esteemed Yale University. Mrs Phido’s paper was entitled “Women at War: […]

ARDA Heads North for Production

Earlier this month, ARDA travelled to two Northern Nigerian cities- Bauchi and Sokoto- to produce content for the Northern Educational Initiative Plus (NEI+) programme. The initiative seeks to do is strengthen local systems to increase the number of students enrolled in appropriate, relevant and approved educational options, particularly for girls […]

ARDA Facilitates Abuja Treatment Workshop

Last week, ARDA facilitated a treatment workshop in Abuja for the Northern Educational Initiative Plus (NEI+) an initiative that seeks to increase literacy and enrolment in Northern Nigeria.   The Initiative is taking place in two Northern Nigerian states, Sokoto and Bauchi, where single-digit literacy rates amongst school aged children […]

ARDA Holds Treatment Workshop

ARDA hosted a 5-day residential workshop this week in Lagos for the National Urban Reproductive Health Initiative Phase 2 project “Get it Together.”  The project, which seeks to increase usage of Modern Family Planning methods amongst men women and couples, takes place in three Nigerian states, Lagos, Kaduna and Oyo. […]

REPOST: Giving women a voice through radio

There are many issues and problems facing women globally today.  Violence is one of them.  The world is still reeling from the brutal rape and beating of a young female medical student in India a few months ago.  Or Malala Yousufzai teenage girl in Pakistan, shot in the head by […]

ARDA hosts Design Document Workshop

This week, ARDA are hosting a 5-day residential workshop for the National Urban Reproductive Health Initiative (NURHI). The objective of the workshop is to develop a design document that will guide the development of season 2 of the NURHI Phase 2 radio programmes. ARDA and NURHI had already developed a […]

ARDA attends PANOS Regional Symposium

ARDA was invited to the PANOS Institute West Africa (PIWA) regional symposium, held in Niamey, Niger Republic, earlier this month.  Over 40 participants from across the West African region, South Africa and Tunisia attended the two-day event.  The theme was Human Rights, Radio and Theatre: Bright Prospects. The PANOS Network […]