ARDA holds Strategy Workshop

This week, ARDA held a 2-day Strategy and planning workshop. The strategy session was organized for all of ARDA staff- Program and Admin- to come together to plot the course for the upcoming year and beyond.

Normally, this would be an in-house thing, but this year ARDA brought in Elevato and Associates, a Business Consultancy, to analyze the company and offer suggestions for improvement in our methods and structure.

Elevato had already come in and conducted surveys and talked to members of staff. It was all very encompassing, with Programme, Admin and Support staff all being involved, and expected to contribute to the workshop. Elevato on their part shared a case study from a very successful similar sized organization- Actelion, a biotech firm- and worked with the staff to see what takeaways from their story could be adapted for ARDA.

We also revealed in-house our big plans for the future, and set concrete steps to achieving them. One other thing we learned from the Case Study was not resting on our laurels, even when we have great success.

The workshop was seen as a success by staff and seems to have lit a fire under everyone. “I feel very inspired and motivated to push myself and not limit myself to my comfort zone,” Ajemina Ogan, a Program Officer, said.

It’s a big year ahead for ARDA with some major changes in the offing, and this Strategy session really equipped us with the tools to make our evolution as painless as possible.



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